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Mars Mining coordinates research and development efforts around key technology areas critical to Martian mining

Mars holds vast reserves of minerals, metals, volatiles, and other resources that can be harvested to produce construction materials, manufacturing components, propellants, life support consumables, and more. Our goal is to make these indigenous resources feasibly accessible and turn Mars into a wealth of opportunity supporting wide-scale human settlement, research, and industry like acon civilian "backup" for human civilization.
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Jeff Collins' extensive experience in enterprise technology combined with financial services experience honed his partnership management skills pivotal for interplanetary resource extraction.

Jeff's commitment to environmental sustainability, demonstrated through his board position with The League to Save Lake Tahoe, aligns with Mars Mining's eco-friendly mission. His unique blend of technical savvy, business acumen, and passion for sustainability positions Jeff to lead Mars Mining in pioneering responsible extraterrestrial resource harvesting.

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Alec pursued his passion for filmmaking in television before founding his own digital media company AWDM. Now as a content production entrepreneur and ardent technology enthusiast, Alec works to envision a future of sustainable life on Mars with the goal of leveraging Mars' resources to establish self-sustaining industrial cities expanding humanity into a multi-planet species.

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Miles Hayward brings a unique blend of conceptual thinking, strategic vision, and collaborative leadership to his role as CMO of Mars Mining. With a track record of creating big ideas and engaging experiences across all channels, Miles excels at developing compelling content and designs for online, print, and multimedia campaigns.

A natural problem-solver, he has consistently demonstrated strong critical thinking, time management, and project leadership.

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